Massachusetts Drug Card Testimonials

I was prescribed an expensive medication for my migraine headaches that was NOT covered by my insurance. My physician's nurse told me that I should be able to get a discount with the Massachusetts Drug Card. I went to the website and downloaded a free card and brought it to my pharmacist. To my surprise, I got a 40% discount on this prescription and it has really helped me out. Thank you!

Karen C.
Framingham, MA

The Massachusetts Drug Card has not only helped me with discounts on my prescriptions each month, but it has helped many members of my family and church. No personal information was needed to use the card and it was free. I think that every resident should be made aware of this program, especially in this economy.

James H.
Concord, MA

I am a single mother raising one child with autism and another with asthma. I have insurance but I have noticed that my prescription coverage is not all that great. I was recently given a Massachusetts Drug Card when I was discharged from a Boston hospital for a minor injury. I presented this card to a CVS pharmacist with the five monthly prescriptions that I get filled for my children and I must say that I was shocked as to how much money I saved. I plan on spreading the word about this discount drug card to as many family and friends as possible.

Brenda N.
Boston, MA